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Is the 'El Gordo Lottery Sweepstake Company' a genuine company?

Criminal Law

Antonio Flores Vila

13th of November 2001

Q. How can I find out about the authenticity of the El Gordo Lottery Sweepstake Company, with address in Plaza Castilla, N16, Plata 8C 28006 Madrid, Spain, and tel/fax 0034-616-005-191? They say we have won money and need our bank details to deposit the cash. Regards Brett Gabriel


    A. El Gordo Lottery Sweepstake company is a fraudulent company who has deceived a large number of people. They operate by anouncing that the recipients of their written communication are the lucky winners of a Spanish lottery.

    I am currently representing a client who has been deceived by them 12.000 USD. Do not forward any monies, which you are bound to be requested, as a ´tax payment´ necessary for them to effect the approximately 500.000 USD dollar prize transfer into a designated account of your choice. Any monies you forward will be lost, and the prize will never be remmited.

    Please read the article 'Lottery Fraud: Yet Another Scam' for more information.

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